Asset Finance

We finance everything associated with your projects.
For simple, straight forward asset finance, from 1 year to 10 years (up to 12 years for public sector subject to due diligence) we offer:


Finance Lease
Capital is fully paid out over the lease period.

Operating Lease
By investing in the equipment, AFM Solutions can lower rentals, delivering an operating lease under IFRS and UK and US GAAP accounting standards and so enabling "off balance sheet" treatment for the finance. 

Technology Refresh Lease
Legacy equipment can be purchased by us and, as new technology is installed, the costs are built into a new lease.

Software Only Financing
Software licenses and implementation costs are a significant part of ICT spend: AFM Solutions has a simple lease designed specifically for this purpose.

Extended implementations
Our Project Management Facility hepls manage the complex administration, accounting and financial aspects of larger projects. 
Orders are placed as normal; as the project rolls out, we settle all invoices against your milestones. 
A single finance contract will start at the end of the project for the complete project costs.

Other types of contract

Credit Sale
Have ownership now and repay over the finance period.

Hire Purchase
Use the technology for the hire period; buy at the end for £10

Key Financial Benefits

Our approach to finance is based on the premise of Cost Savings

Lower acquisition costs post-tax
Our lease rentals are tax deductible when paid and accelerate the tax saving, delivering 100% of the savings by the end of the finance period.

AFM residual value lowers rents
AFM Solutions takes a view on the value of the equipment at the end of the lease in the form of a residual value investment; this reduces the level of rent paid and delivers significant cost savings.

Cash preservation
AFM Solutions offers an additional source of finance, enabling vital bank lines and capital to be conserved. Overdrafts can be used, as intended, for working capital requirements and not for funding fixed assets.

Budget flexibility
Additional, perhaps unforeseen, expenditure impacts budgets. AFM Solutions will model payments to fall within capital and revenue budgets, whilst allowing the introduction of new technology at the most advantageous time.

Balance sheet management
AFM Solutions specialises in Operating Leases for technology, taking the RV risk. This enables organisations to treat the finance as "off balance sheet" for regulatory and loan covenant purposes: in the private sector, capital is preserved. In the public sector, HM Government finances are protected.