Managing Legacy Estates: 
Old premises with expensive heating and high maintenance lighting

Managing Costs: 
Academies are not immune from government cuts and must manage cash within the DfE budget 

Managing Balance Sheets: 
Academies cannot borrow, so must be innovative when financing new technology

AFM Solutions offers Operating Lease finance under SSAP21, support with suppliers, installers and integrators and ensures transactions are compliant with the Academies Act 2010 and the Academies Financial Year Handbook, by:

  • engaging with suppliers to pinpoint "value for money"
  • modelling the costs and benefits
  • mapping lease repayments into the savings and revenues from the project
  • assisting the Academy's FD and its auditors to evaluate and classify the Lease
  • contracting with the school under approved Operating Lease terms
  • settling all supplier bills once the project is delivered and commissioned