Information & Communications Technology

AFM Solutions have financed IT since 1983

Initially we supported Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PCs and servers for corporate clients; most recently, we have specialised in the funding of managed services for desktop and for hosted voice and data in the telephony sectors.

We fund the total cost of the project:

Hardware: PCs, servers, routers, switches, cabling and associated costs.

Software: licensed or in-house developed software, ADSL connectivity, telephony “fabric”

Professional fees: Consultancy, implementation and installation.

We fund hardware, 100% software and all implementation works.

We can create licences around service provider IPR and build in a deferred charge so that you can pay over time for systems development.

We offer Finance and Operating Leases and, through our Project Management Facilities, we provide cash flow to the supply chain facilitating payment to suppliers in line with stage completions.

AFM Solutions have methods by which the most critical and costly aspects of technology are funded: these are the people, the integration and the software costs. With the evolution of voice-over-IP and the subsequent convergence of voice and data technology, we now deliver finance solutions to the “cloud”, integrating the requirement for finance into managed service contracts, licences and “last mile” telecoms projects.

In the managed services industry, service providers have maximised their skills in the technology but, along with this, they have assumed the financial risk in the form of both balance sheet gearing and counterparty credit risk. Notwithstanding these financial risks, there is significant value in the service provider offering deferred terms to its customer and, along with the various other technology deliverables, managing the funding within its managed services contract.

Working with the managed services industry, AFM solutions manage the many VAT, Tax and legal aspects of ICT service provision – and we have an innate understanding of both the commercial sensitivities of winning projects and the complexity of operational issues.