We understand the green technology sector better than most

In the late 80′s and early 90′s, AFM Solutions were structuring Operating Lease finance under the Housing and Local Government Acts to support Regional Electricity Councils in the supply of storage and other traditional heating for local authorities.

Today, we finance a wide range of green and eco-friendly equipment:

  • modular and eco-friendly buildings
  • PV and solar thermal
  • heat pumps
  • biomass
  • LED lighting
  • Power Optimisers
  • Low energy PCs and storage

Long Term:

Finance for green technology needs to be long term, matching the benefits.

At AFM Solutions, we 

-  work with you to understand the costs and the benefits of your project

-  model the repayments against the savings and the income delivered

-  invest a residual where needed to create the appropriate risk:reward position for operating leases

-  fund the whole project