AFM Solutions has funded more than £100 million of equipment for HR Benefit salary sacrifice schemes over the past decade.

Ever since funding some of the largest Home Computing Initiative Schemes in the early 2000′s, we have offered best in class service to HR Benefits providers and their customers, enabling the supplier to be paid for goods delivered and the employer to map the scheme costs to salary deductions.

Employee PCs: Tablets and PCs are now indispensable for everyday needs – whether to download and store music and other media or to access social networks or to complete Tax Self Assessment on-line. They also reduce employee commuting, assist in an improvement in employee output and lead to lower carbon footprint for employers.

Smartphones: mobile handsets are available through tax efficient salary sacrifice schemes and, as of 2015, according to OFCOM, (see:, are the most frequently used technology in UK for accessing the internet.

Cycle-to-work:  the UK Government’s Cycle-to-Work scheme allows an employee to have a bike free of Income Tax and NI and benefit from a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

No budget and no cash needed.

Cash and budget in the HR division is not always available, even in the largest organisations - particularly in the public sector.

Furthermore, the ownership of equipment by the employer can entail unwarranted administrative complexities, involving procurement, finance, accounting and numerous other departments.

Minimise all of these challenges by funding your scheme with AFM Solutions.

cash-neutral finance mapped to your salary dates

suppliers paid by us, eliminating the need for internal budget approvals, the use of your cash and the VAT and ledger accounting.

repayment over employee hire period, using the salary reductions made on employee salary dates

end of life management, with product ownership and transfer of title to employees.

In short, a totally managed HR Benefits Scheme where your employees choose products for delivery direct to their homes and where the costs, spread over the life of the scheme, are paid by their salary deductions.

A small investment in your time, but a big investment in your greatest assets - your employees