Bexley Business Academy has been forefront pioneer in implementing solutions to reduce its energy costs and voltage reduction is a simple way forward.

As part of their energy saving plans, the Academy decided to lower incoming voltage from the Grid using a voltage optimisation solution from EMSc Powerstar. In carrying out a survey, a straight line, guaranteed reduction in power demand of 8% was identified; however, supply and installation amounted to more than £32,000.

AFM Solutions assisted by structuring an "off balance sheet" Operating Lease, using the guaranteed energy savings from the optimiser to fund the rentals. This resulted in a net surplus to the Academy from year 1.

“AFM Solutions have come up with the right solution at the right time for Bexley; we have a guaranteed reduction in our bills simply by lowering the voltage we are taking in from the Grid. Graham Seeley of AFM Solutions has arranged the operating lease we needed and allowed us to fix substantial savings over the next decade at least” Jane Stanley, Finance Director, Bexley Business Academy.

The Benefits:

  • A guaranteed 8% reduction in annual consumption
  • Annual savings of 68,072kWh / £12,095 [Powerstar]
  • Funded out of savings by an Operating Lease from AFM Solutions
  • Over the 10 year period, the school is expected to make a net surplus of £76,186 and £120,950 energy savings from this project.