AFM Solutions is working with MODULAR AND ECO BUILDING manufacturers to deliver SUSTAINABLE funding SOLUTIONS


This specialist veterinary clinic was founded more than 10 years ago and has developed an international reputation as a leader in veterinary ophthalmology.

With the growth in their medical and surgical teams, they now offer referrals for medicine and surgery 5 days a week.

The Requirement:

In line with the growth in their skills and capabilities, the client decided in 2017 to invest in new and improved facilities for post-operative recovery for dogs and cats and approached Modulek Limited. Modulek offer a turnkey service and proposed a building that would resolve the client’s space issues swiftly. However, investing cash in a long-term asset such as a modular building means a lowering of company liquidity and the client decided to look for a partly external funded solution.

The Solution:

At Modulek’s request, we came up with the solution: a facility under which we settled invoices from Modulek, paying these direct, and a lease for the building under which the client pays for the costs over time.

The Practice Manager is very pleased with the result and says: “Modulek lived up to their word during the project and, working closely with their finance partner, AFM Solutions, successfully delivered what we needed by, as they say in their publicity, “taking the strain of managing the whole project, while delivering on time and within budget”.

The Benefits:  

·        The project was completed in a timely fashion

·        An eco-friendly, modern and clean construction was delivered

·        Payments were spread over 3 years